Finally the Finale! Vegan in San Francisco (Days Six & Seven)

>> Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So just to recap... at this point I have been in California visiting my good friend, Lindsey, for the past five days. We have eaten an obscene amount of amazing vegan food with absolutely no intentions of slacking on our final two days of my trip.


So we had a spectacular brunch at Weird Fish. Yes, we went back. The bottomless mimosas got us. They were great. I think this was our favorite meal of the trip. Here's why:

The tofu pesto with hash browns and an english muffin

The tofu rancheros with hash browns and tortillas

And, of course, the pancakes with veggie sausage

Oh my goodness, it was so good. The hash browns were thin, crispy, admittedly a little salty, but fantastic nonetheless. BOTH tofu dishes were friggin' delicious and would have almost been too skimpy if not for the FLUFFY FANTASTIC PANCAKES. Man, it was almost too goooooood.

Day six had yet another restaurant repeat as we returned to Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant. Trust me, I was bound and determined to try as many places as possible on this trip, so the fact that we went back for seconds at Weird Fish and Enjoy should tell you how much we enjoyed their food.

Initially, I was lured back to Enjoy because of the wonton soup, but we also decided to try the Basil Soy Chick'n, and the Curry Chick'n with Cabbage and Potatoes.

We followed that up with gelato at Holy Gelato! in Inner Sunset. They have TWELVE vegan flavors! And they're not just fruit flavors, either! They had a coffee/whiskey/fudge concoction, a mint cookie, a raspberry cabernet, a chocolaty/marshmallowy/peanut buttery one, and even a THAI TEA flavor! (we also ate there twice)

Daiye Sephen

My last day may have possibly been my favorite. We woke up and walked to the little farmers market in the inner sunset neighborhood, looking for something to eat. We sampled everything from fresh fruit, to spinach pies and soy cheese sushi (strangely really good). But, ultimately, we decided to try another vendor's vegetable tamales. These tamales were cooked in banana leaves instead of husks and were my favorite tamales of the trip.

We also had to pick up a couple peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting. They were almost too delicious, light, and fluffy!

We then headed to Pier 33 for a tour of Alcatraz Island.

It was really interesting and if you go, I highly recommend doing the guided audio tour.

While the history and prison were really neat, the city and bay views that the island offered were unreal.

Now... our final meal. We trekked over to Jay's Cheesesteaks because we heard they offered a bunch of different seitan cheesesteaks. While that's true, they do have different seitan options, they don't actually carry vegan cheese. So if you go, make sure you specify. They do, however, have veganaise upon request. So... I was slightly dissapointed because I expected a melty, cheezey, sandwich, and ended up with a slightly more exciting sub. Still, I thought it was tasty and Lindsey LOVED hers. So you should go and decide for yourself. 

We got the BBQ Seitan, the Mushrrom Seitan, the Sweet Potato Fries, and the Garlic Fries 

So, I've been home for about a month now and I have to say, my favorite thing about coming home was being able to eat a meal without having a photo shoot with it first. But all in all, San Francisco was a fantastic place to visit and I have every intention of getting back there as soon as I can. 

I thought I would conclude this post with some pictures of the adorable critters I had the pleasure of staying with...

Pleased to introduce, Cosmo...

Jacques Cousteau...


Princess Leia...


And last, but certainly not least, Fennris!

Love you, Linds! Thanks again for all the hospitality! xoxo


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