Week of Halloween

>> Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I have been reading Alix Bannon's blog, Cute and Delicious, a lot lately. Her enthusiasm for Halloween really inspired me this year. So Tess and I committed to ringing in Halloween by doing something festive each night last week. For the most part, that just means we watched scary movies every night and ate food that either correlated somehow with the movie or was just plain good. Either way, I thought it might be fun to share with you. Lets start with....


Tess and I spent Sunday night planning out what movies we felt were important to watch. The list was long. And we truthfully didn't get through everything. But for some reason, we really wanted to start our week by watching Children of the Corn... while eating corn on the cob. So that's exactly what we did!

I am just now realizing we could have also done some corn crucifix crafting. Oh well, next year.


Rosemary's Baby, pumpkin hunting, soba noodles, and spooky orange lemonade.


Thank you, Cinemark, for playing The Shining on the big screen the night before Halloween. It was the perfect way to ring in the holiday.


Threw together a Brownie costume. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of Tess' excellent costume, Jossie Grossie from Never Been Kissed!


I only watched one of my most favorite horror movies EVER... GrEmLiNssssssss!!!!!!!


Saturday was actually ma Bday. I spent the day cooking a bunch of yummy foods. Then I invited a few girlfriends over to enjoy it with me. The menu included: lots of pizza, a beer brat bar, falafel, spiked cider, broccoli mac n' cheese, pumpkin cupcakes, apple pie, and a cinnamon cheesecake. Dayum!

We ended the night with some good dancing and nursed our hangovers the next day at Darbster's Sunday brunch. All in all, last week ruled. Oliver and I are exhausted.


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